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Mining your Keywords: Using comScore to Keep Tabs on the Competition

comScore overview [1]comScore [2] Marketer [2] is a Tool that many Web Enthusiasts use to gain insight into the analytics of Competitors.  Their data is representative of a sample size made up of 2 million global and 1 million domestic Internet Users.  This Web Analytic tool observes online behavior which provides marketers with a 360 degree view of consumer behavior.  From this data we can make informed decisions and compile effective digital strategies. Is this the best data mining tool? When using comScore Marketer, take the findings with a grain of salt.  Since this data is derived from a sample size of Internet Users all over the United States we cannot make decisions with a hundred percent confidence level.  This tool is a great resource in examining how the general marketplace is performing.  Thus, it provides useful insight into keywords competitors are buying, sites internet users are engaging with, and the demographics for specific terms and sites. Comparing comScore [3] to other rating services tools like Nielsen/NetRatings [4], Hitwise [5] and Compete [6], one can conclude they all offer similar functions, but differing figures.  Search Engine Land [7] emphasizes that one should not draw too many conclusions based on month-to-month comparisons and from only using one rating services tool.   I would agree with this statement.  Even though comScore may charge a premium price, their software is easy to use and that their product support team is superb. What is a good example of the benefits of using comScore? comScore Data [8]Eli Goodman, Search Evangelist of comScore, reported in his June 16th presentation [9] entitled “Start Digging!  Search Data is a Hidden Goldmine for Online Publishers” that this tool can be a good way to monitor branding success.  As this slide from the presentation shows, marketers can use this web analytic tool to examine which advertisers are receiving traffic from their brand term.  As one can see from this scenario, Turner Network received 90% of the Organic traffic for the brand term “CNN”, but is losing out on paid click Traffic to competition like Xacti Corporation. In summary, finding takeaways like these allows Web Advertisers to make the best decisions and is another reason why comScore can be a very beneficial web analytics tool.