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Facebook Vanity URLs

Tonight at Midnight ET, Facebook users can grab a vanity URL [1] for themselves.

This is a great opportunity to go from a randomly-generated id string (who doesn’t want to be known as id=505900947) to your preferred online identity.

The big competition for www.facebook.com/darrenkelly [2] is myself , the former college basketball star [3], and an Irish footballer [4].

I just realized that the Irish guy will have to be up at 5am local time in order to try to grab his name. An from what I know of Irish footballers, I bet he’ll be at the pub late tonight and in no shape to log on in the morning. Ha ha!!!!

And also, I’ve reserved it already. I have friends in high social media places. Sorry boys.

About Darren Kelly

Darren has been referred to as the grandfather of social media at TSA, and is often asked to comment on Twitter etiquette and the "hottest" social networks in Canada. He hopes to one day find the time (or a personal assistant) to manage his multiple online personalities.