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Bing Best Practices

As Frank Lee discussed in his post [1] last week, Bing is off and running and showing good conversion results for many clients.  How best to take advantage of this short term (and potentially longer term) boost?

By most accounts, MSN is really pushing relevancy for its Bing listings.  In addition to testing fewer ads for keywords as well as the way the listings are presented – we’ve received some indication that MSN is actually removing paid ads for some users who do not click on them.  Meaning, if a user only clicks on organic listings then at a certain point, paid listings will not show at all.

All of which has led to the keyword mix shifting for some advertisers – the top driving keywords pre-Bing may differ from those after launch.   And those keywords that didn’t convert or even serve before are now driving traffic.  So it may be a good time to “reintroduce” keywords that have either fallen off the grid due to bidding, underperformance, or lack of previous relevancy – especially those that work on other search engines and historically have been converters.

Additionally, Ad Groups on MSN should be tight with highly relevant keywords.  CTR is the main driver of “relevance” so you need to make sure your ad text matches as closely as possible to the keyword.

Finally, it may make sense to install the MSN conversion pixel, in order to perform creative testing. This will allow not only the highest CTR ads to show, but also those with the best conversion rates as well.

Whether Bing will continue to gain from a market share perspective once the newness (and tens of millions in advertising) wears off is difficult to predict.  Regardless, any advertiser can take advantage of the short-term spike and be well positioned for any long-term gains.

What other strategies and tactics have you seen working well on Bing?

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